The Wilberforce Academy is an annual training programme in the practical application of a Biblical worldview in all areas of life and culture, both private (family, church, friendships) and public (work, study, political and social engagement, etc). It is about equipping and empowering believers to stand for and serve Jesus in a variety of vocations, including law, politics, public service, education, healthcare, media, entertainment, creative arts, ministry and business.

The Academy commences with an intensive, structured residential week in January, followed by on-going community-building and equipping by way of three quarterly re-focus days in April, July and October each year.



Our generation is faced with very real social, cultural and political struggles, flowing from diverging views about the nature of reality, human identity and societal flourishing (the common good). As followers of Christ, a major part of the challenge is:  How to engage with our fellow man, and with the secular philosophies and ideologies that hold sway over the minds and hearts of individuals, and over prevailing cultures in communities and nations. 

 As we observe the moral decline around us and its inevitable destructive impacts on society, questions about the Biblical mandate and Christian response abound. How are we to be salt and light and stand up for truth in the world and times that we live in?

 To find Biblical answers to some of these burning questions, we will come together to explore what the Word of God teaches and how we are to love our neighbour and advocate for Biblical truth in a fallen world.



If you have any queries about applying for the Wilberforce Academy South Africa – please don’t hesitate to contact us via this email address: Wilberforce.SA@gmail.com 



For an overview of the programme content and faculty/speakers, click here to view the Academy brochure.

A key feature of the Academy week is the application groups for daily reflection in group discussions. Delegates become members of one of our vocational working groups:

– Church and pastoral/family ministry

– Economics, business and finance

– Education

– Healthcare

– Media, arts and entertainment

– Politics, law and public service

– Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

Watch the highlights of the Wilberforce Academy 2023